Meet Buford

Buford is a 6 ½-year-old fawn pug with an old soul and a heart of gold. He is an OG who previously lived on the streets and was adopted almost four years ago. He may have started from the bottom, but he is so grateful to be here (most of the times here being within a one foot radius of mommy or daddy’s lap). The streets may have took away his hearing, but Bufe is the most lovable, quirky, calm, and appreciative little guy anyone could ask for.  While Bufe’s early days were riddled with itchy skin and allergies, he has conquered all of that with his special diet and weekly spa days (one of his favs, a combo of brushies, bathies, and blow dry). While on his walkies, Bufe will sometimes pause as if to take a moment to reflect on his life; although he cannot erase his past life, he is so thankful to have his family. His docile demeanor, loving personality, and adorable head-tilt are just a few ways he shows his infinite gratitude. His favorite activities are eating, sleeping, couch-potatoing, napping, getting treats, chewies, sitting by his parents, army-crawling, butt-scooting, and being loved.  Aliases: Bufe, Bufey, Kabufe


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