Bufebit for 5.15.17 = Be true to yourself.

There are billions of humans, fellow dogs, and other four-legged friends on this planet, and we all come in a variety of makes and models. In this huge mass, it is important to embrace your quirks, own your individuality, and stay true to yourself. Don’t worry about being seen as different, focus on paving the path that is right for you. Our life journeys are far more rewarding, if we are the pioneer of our own ship. My sister and I heed this advice daily in many different forms (army-crawling, butt-scooting, accelerated spins, silly outfits, and basking in our quirks), and I encourage you to as well!

Here’s an example of my sister staying true to herself. While dressing up in tutus and spinning in turbo-circles isn’t something everyone most humans or dogs will understand, she loves it. She challenges the norm, and we love her for being her!




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