Cardboard delicacies

While many humans celebrate today as “hump day,” we love our Wednesdays as they are cardboard-bowl lickie days! Every single Wednesday mommy and daddy go to this place  that humans call Chipotle, and get these overflowing dishes of chicky, cow, cheese, and our favorite, lettuce. We don’t get to eat human food often, but when mommy and daddy are done, we each get to lick our very own cardboard bowl. The best part is the remnants sometimes stick to our wrinkly faces so we get to lick off the deliciousness all night long! We love this so much that mommy and daddy get to listen to us bark, howl, and spin while they aren’t sharing their dishes with us (and mommy eats so slow so sometimes we put on a show for 30 minutes before we can commence with our cardboard delicacy lickies). Bon Appetite!


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