Visit to the vetties

Today we took a road trip to see our favorite dog doctors, Dr. Drewes and Dr. Panzarella. I love car rides so much that I even drool a little on the journey; my sister doesn’t feel the same way and she screeches like a hyena chasing a wombat for the entire voyage. Luckily, when we get to the vetties, everybody is so happy to see us and they give us lots of treats so the car-ride is a thing of the past. Today, Gerdie had to get a bunch of booster shots and an ear clean, because she is the equivalent of a micro-pug, they said all of the shots in her little body will make her sleepy (I will believe that when I see it as my sister is an energizer puppy). Outside of having to get my bi-monthly butt-dump, I got away pretty unscathed. The best part was we got to take our very own picture with Dr. Drewes and he gave us bonus treats! On our travels home, mommy and daddy let us have the windows down and we even went to the drive-by place where they get drinkable ice-cream with green straws….the lady at the window thought me and my sister were so cute, she even gave us our own pup-sized cups filled with an amazing white cream. This has been a great way to start our weekend (and we still have this delicious cream stashed in our face wrinkles for later).


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