Bufebit for 5.23.17 = Share.

Everybody knows the golden rule of sharing is caring….but how often do you apply it? In general, I try to be a pretty considerate pup. At one point in time, I had no home so there wasn’t much for me to share and I relied on other street-goers sharing their things with me. However, the last almost four years, I have had all the love in the world, and all the food I could ask for (or at least the amount mommy and daddy deem as appropriate so I don’t get chunky and have breathing problems). So, the least I can do is share my toys, my space, and my love with my baby sister. I will admit when we first got her, I wasn’t so sure about her….but 15mths later, we are one happy family! Don’t get me wrong, she can wear on me sometimes BUT at the end of the day, she keeps me young at heart, makes the M-F grind go faster when mommy and daddy are gone, and is just a tinier, spunkier version of me. Sharing really is caring, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if others didn’t share with me….so I will always pay that forward! Share and share-a-like!


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