Time for a treat

I absolutely adore chewies! Mommy and daddy treat me and my brother to chewies for special treats, and it is THE BEST. We have to sit pretty to get them, but as soon as they put them in our mouth, we both run off in opposite directions. My brother gets nervous like I am going to take his chewy, so he starts to run around the apartment trying to find the perfect spot that I cannot reach. When I see him running, I start running around too as it seems like the right thing to do. Mommy and daddy watch us with giggles on their face, as for whatever reason they find us running and jumping everywhere to be funny. Eventually my brother and I both settle into our respective spots (he lands on the big bed as I cannot get up their without a boost), and I plop somewhere on a piece of comfy living room furniture. The latest batch of chewies is even better than the last, so they last even longer. MMMM, treats.


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