The look

While I am definitely a pup who isn’t afraid to work hard for what he wants, I also know how to work my assets.  I learned at an early age that the head-tilt and quizzical look (which extenuates my forehead wrinkles) can go a long way. Exhibit A: if I want to sit on mommy’s lap while she is at the kitchen table working, I just give “the look” and extend a paw on her leg….within moments, I am transported into her lap. Exhibit B: if I want an extra treat after mommy and daddy finish dinner…..I summon up “the look” while sitting pretty and magically, within a few moments I get a tasty morsel. I fully realize my well-behaved pup manners, help my cause….but at the same time, if you have “the look” don’t be afraid to flaunt it.


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