I’m all ears

It may seem a bit ironic that even though I cannot actually hear, that I am one of the best listeners you will ever meet. Everyone knows “hearing” and really “listening” are not the same thing. Just because I cannot physically hear sounds coming out of mommy and daddy mouths, doesn’t mean I do not understand them. I am always listening to them and most of the time, I know exactly what they are feeling, saying, and doing. Since the day mommy adopted me, I never really had my hearing as I had such terrible ear infections and a ruptured ear drum from living on the streets (to be fair that also enhances my head tilt and my parents find that charming). Yet from the very day I plopped down in mommy’s lap, she has always talked to me (and she talks with her hands A LOT so that makes it even easier for me). In fact, her and daddy talk to me ALL of the time and have never treated me any different because they just know I understand them. It is actually ironic as my pup sister has impeccable hearing, it could rival an owl, yet, by far, I am the better listener.


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