Bufebit for 6.5.17 = Set goals. It doesn't matter what your goals are; it just matters that you made them. We all work at different paces and aspire for different things, so if puppy steps are the right approach for you then skip to it....and if a Greyhound stride is more your speed then by... Continue Reading →


Bufebit for 5.26.17 = Cherish. As we approach a holiday weekend, I wanted to take a moment to remember to cherish everything important in life. Days, weeks, and months go by as that is the nature of life, but don’t forget to cherish all the seconds that compile those varying increments of time. Cherish what... Continue Reading →

Bufebit for 5.25.17 = Dance. Whether it means wagging your tail to your favorite tune, or jumping around with all your gusto to the hottest jam....sometimes you just have to dance.  If you don't feel silly doing it, no one will think you look silly doing it. Dancing is fluid and comes in all shapes... Continue Reading →

Bufebit for 5.24.17 = Prioritize. Whether we like it or not, we all have some type of schedule or routine in our life. This may vary drastically for each of us, but any being over a few months old has some type of re-occurring patterns present in their life.  With that in mind, it is... Continue Reading →

Bufebit for 5.23.17 = Share. Everybody knows the golden rule of sharing is caring....but how often do you apply it? In general, I try to be a pretty considerate pup. At one point in time, I had no home so there wasn't much for me to share and I relied on other street-goers sharing their... Continue Reading →

Bufebit for 5.22.17 = Explore. As we dive into the start of another week, I challenge everyone to take some time to explore. Exploring is a dynamic and subjective word to everyone, so find what your explore means to you, and go for it. Since I spent my early days roaming the streets, my initial... Continue Reading →

Bufebit for 5.19.71 = Reflect. Whether it be staring at a tree while we are on our evening walkie, or just gazing out the window while I am lounging on the back of the couch, I always afford myself a few moments of reflection. Some of my best thoughts, ideas, and even memories are cultivated... Continue Reading →

Bufebit for 5.18.17 = Learn. I am creeping up on the 7 year-old mark, so I really dislike the expression “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” While I don’t have the same spunk and giddy-up I did as a young pup, my mental power is in full force. In fact, with my whipper-snapper... Continue Reading →

Bufefit for 5.17.18 = Indulge. We all have our little guilty pleasures, and there isn't anything wrong with that as long as we keep it in moderation. You have to allow yourself to indulge periodically, just enough so you can truly appreciate the self-restraint you have. This doesn't mean climbing on the counter and downing... Continue Reading →

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